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Get your voter id card online now

Karnataka has become the first state in the country to provide the Voter id card online, in association with MNC providing technical support for the same. As per Government the Voter id card will be issued in month time.

ICARE Live Miss Photogenic 2011 Online Beauty Contest

This is the first edition of the ICARE Live Beauty Pageant and is being organized by ICARE Live media Private Limited. Come try your luck and make your dream come true.This is your chance to become the next Miss India Photogenic.

Free Google Sms Search in Bengaluru city

Take the power of Google search with you, through Google Sms search on your Phone. Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtimes, restaurant information and more through SMS on your phone.

Why does the Government not want to change Policies?

The Government recent policies reflect their attitude not to change any major policies which would ruin their existing activities. It clearly states that they adminstrate for themselves rather for the people. Only in elections people participate after which people are mere spectators. Corruption is rooted and routed towards the betterment of politicians / bureaucracy.

Bengaluru Citizens Protest against cut down of trees on Sankey Road

BBMP has taken up the Road widening program on the Sankey Tank Road, which will lead to cut down of 19 trees in order increase road width to 30 metres and curb the traffic congestion issue. However, Sankey area citizens are not willing to give up their trees for the sake of Road widening know more
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