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Karnataka Election : BJP releases their 1st list of 140 candidates for state election

BJP has also released their first list of candidate who will filing their nomination for the upcoming May 5 election in Karnataka State. With members fighting for the seat and ticket allocation, it has been very tough time for BJP to allocate the same. Party members have finally agreed and find the list of the 140 candidates for BJP Party.

Karnataka Election: Congress will have no impact on new regional parties

Congress has stated that it will not impacted with the new regional parties coming in the state after the division from either parties, BJP - Yeddyurappa forming KJP and B SriRamulu forming BSR Congress. Congress however, is working to win Karnataka election which will give them a boost for the next 2014 Lok Sabha Election.

Big Fight between Modi and Rahul Gandhi - Karnataka Election

With Karnataka Election seen as the most important campaign for both BJP and Congress before the 2014 Lok Sabha Election. It has been decided that we will see the two biggies of the both the parties face off each other in Karnataka Election. We need to watch to win the hearts of people in Karnataka Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi.

Political Parties in Karnataka State

With Karnataka gearing up for the general state assembly, there are many parties which will play a vital role in the formation of the government. Many small and independent candidates will also make in road in the politics of Karnataka Assembly. Find the list of current political parties in the Karnataka State

Karnataka Janata Party launched by Yeddyurappa

Finally Yeddyurappa has launched his own party after the separation from BJP last month. This is new chapter in the Karnataka politics history with a person launching his own party, who played a vital role in getting BJP its first government in South India. Get to know more about the party.

Get the electoral forms and Find your name

Do you want to know if your name is registered with Election Commission of India and you enjoy the voting rights for upcoming election in country or state. Find your name and also get the forms which you will need to enroll your self if your name is not enrolled.

Check your name in Bangalore Voters List

Karnataka citizens have got an opportunity to get themselves enrolled in the voter list again. ECI has issued a notification for revision of the voter list in Bangalore city assembly constituencies. Grab this opportunity and enroll your self for the upcoming General and central election in state and Country
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